The Number 1 Question: "How do I get waves?"

 Our wave igniter is a special formula handmade with all natural organic products to dramatically speed up the process of getting waves. Read below to find out the fast track steps to getting waves:

Ensure good hair and scalp health: Hair types are not an issue but having healthy hair does help in speeding up the process

Start with a clean slate: To start the process right you must start with a clean slate. Start with fresh, impressionable hair follicles. We're not saying go bald, but you’ll want to go to your nearest barber and request a really low, level-1 trim.

Get a good Brush and other Supplies: Get a brush that rests close to your scalp when you brush. Try to get specialized shampoo and conditioner, grab any one of our wave igniter butters and lastly durags

Maintain a training schedule: Follow a daily routine to train your hair in order to get the desired results, wearing the Mr. Wavo Durag alone will get you where you want to be but it will be multiplied with the proper care and products like any of the Mr. Wavo Wave Ignitors below.